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As the industry’s only integrated lift provider, ChampionX Artificial Lift is uniquely positioned to work with you to solve your specific production challenges. By combining our full suite of downhole systems with an unmatched automation and optimization hardware and software portfolio and a complete line of production chemicals, we can design and deliver the best production solution to lower your lease operating expenses and to optimize your production for the life of the well.

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Who We Are

With over 125 years of expertise in artificial lift equipment and services, a global operations and supply chain footprint, a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, and a world-class safety program, we can devise a comprehensive down hole, surface, chemical, and digital solution for any producing asset. You don’t need artificial lift equipment...you need artificial lift answers.

ChampionX workers working in a manufacturing facility.

Our Products and Services

Leverage the industry’s most extensive lift portfolio

ChampionX Artificial Lift provides technology and services for all forms of artificial lift to help customers safely, efficiently, and effectively maximize production and reserve recovery. We offer rod lift systems, electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems, progressing cavity pumping (PCP) systems, gas lift systems, plunger lift systems, and hydraulic lift. The bedrock of our business is a full automation and optimization portfolio of hardware, software, and services for downhole monitoring, wellsite productivity enhancement, and asset integrity management.

Electrical Submersible Pumping Systems

UNBRIDLED® ESP Systems take the complexity out of operating ESPs. By combining the business model that best fits your needs with fully engineered, purpose-built systems and responsive, experienced service teams, we can help you achieve your production objectives.

ChampionX worker installing an ESP system at a wellsite.

Gas Lift

PCS Ferguson gas lift systems provide a flexible, effective, economic option to optimize production as downhole conditions change in shallow or deep, vertical or horizontal wells.

ChampionX worker working on a gas lift at a well.

Hydraulic Lift

Prime Pump™ Solutions jet pumps and multiplex surface pumps are custom built to manage saltwater disposal and to boost production. With unmatched expertise, we provide engineered designs, world-class service and maintenance, and real-time optimization for all of your hydraulic lift needs.

ChampionX workers working on a hydraulic lift at a well site.

Plunger Lift

With 45 years of wellhead expertise, PCS Ferguson offers the most complete line of plunger lift solutions to maximize deliquification and lower your lease operating expenses.

ChampionX worker working on a plunger lift at a wellsite.

Production Automation and Optimization

The Theta Automation and Optimization portfolio of hardware, software, and services is the industry’s most comprehensive Artificial Lift digital solution. We deliver answers at the wellsite or to your computer and smart phone—answers to help you lower your costs and optimize your production.

Female looking at Theta monitoring on a desktop computer.

Progressing Cavity Pumping Systems

Oil Lift Technologies is a leading manufacturer and provider of PCP solutions, including surface driveheads, downhole pumps, and the patented Rod-Lock™ BOP. We also offer the industry’s highest quality coiled rod.

PCP product at a manufacturing facility.

Rod Lift

ChampionX Artificial Lift has the strongest portfolio of reciprocating rod lift solutions in the industry. Built on the expertise of our well-respected rod lift service brands, we deliver innovative technology, superior quality from world-class manufacturing centers, and service excellence.

ChampionX worker working on a NORRIS rod in a manufacturing facility.

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