ChampionX Artificial Lift Brands

Our comprehensive portfolio of lift solutions and our reputation for service excellence is built on the solid foundation of our individual brands. Regardless of the application, our brands are renowned for their high quality, reliability, expert engineering, and commitment to customer success.

Alberta Oil Tool is the premier Canadian manufacturer of precise, reliable sucker rods and accessories for rod lift and progressing cavity pumping (PCP) systems.


The industry’s leading provider of downhole sucker rod pumps and equipment for more than 80 years, Harbison-Fischer has a global reputation for quality, innovation, and service excellence.

Norris Rods

The world leader in sucker rod production for more than 125 years, Norris provides rods for every downhole condition and expert advice to optimize your well's performance.

A leading provider of progressing cavity pumping (PCP) systems, Oil Lift Technology’s remote power units, surface drives, and pumps deliver environmentally sound production solutions customized for every well.

PCS Ferguson

For more than 30 years PCS Ferguson has delivered the most complete line of industry-leading gas lift and plunger lift solutions to improve production from new, marginal, and aging wells.

Prime Pump Solutions

Prime Pump Solutions provides multiplex plunger pumps and downhole jet pumps to boost production and for salt water disposal. Turnkey solutions are suited for any challenging condition.

Pro-Rod Coiled Rod Solutions

A global innovator of coiled sucker rod and rod handling systems, Pro-Rod partners with clients to deliver high-quality, low-risk sucker rod solutions that reduce operating costs and lead times.

Theta Automation and Optimization

Theta Automation and Optimization’s smart oilfield sensors, controllers, and optimization software and services digitally enable wells to improve lift equipment reliability and optimize production.

UNBRIDLED® ESP Systems specializes in fully engineered downhole equipment and industry-leading controls and automation technology designed to help you meet or exceed your production targets at optimal operating costs.


For more than 35 years UPCO has manufactured sucker rods and accessories for the global rod-lift market. We are committed to an operating philosophy of delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions.

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