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Norris specializes in developing rods and accessories that incorporate long-lasting materials, stringent manufacturing processes, the highest quality control, and optimized designs.

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About Us

The leader in sucker-rod technology since 1882 and headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Norris specializes in manufacturing rods and accessories incorporating long-lasting materials, stringent manufacturing processes, and the best quality control with optimized system designs. Norris offers a broad range of sucker rods formulated from different alloys to address the most challenging downhole conditions. Additionally, we offer API and specialty sucker rod couplings, injection molded rod guides, sinker bars, rod rotators, polished rods and the O’Bannon well-servicing tools line.

In the event of a rod string failure, our sucker rod experts conduct detailed, root-cause failure analysis to get your well optimized and back online while reducing future failures. From initial design to installation to routine operation, our sucker rod application experts work with you at each step of the process.

When you consider the product features, material quality, innovations, and services provided by Norris, we think you’ll agree that while sucker rods might be interchangeable, they are by no means equal. Engineered to last - with enhanced fatigue life and reduced well intervention, Norris offers the lowest total cost of ownership to our customers.

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Solutions Serving

ChampionX workers working at an HF manufacturing facility.

Rod Lift

ChampionX Artificial Lift has the strongest portfolio of reciprocating rod lift solutions in the industry.

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