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Expand Your Artificial Lift Acumen

ChampionX Artificial Lift offers on-line and in-person training courses that help you get the most from your artificial lift operations. Learn from the experts.

Learn how to get the most from your
artificial lift systems

ChampionX Artificial Lift is the only provider that offers all types of artificial lift, so we are uniquely positioned to provide training courses that cover the full range of lift equipment and services. Our expert advisors offer training on how to design, operate, and troubleshoot your artificial lift systems. And, we specialize in educating the industry on how to effectively automate, monitor, and optimize lift equipment and production.

Learn from our industry experts

Our instructors have deep domain expertise in all forms of artificial lift and how to apply it to get the most from your assets.

Get insights into all forms of lift

Our education courses cover the fundamentals of all forms of artificial lift and how to design and operate a lift program for your specific applications.

Master effective well optimization

Our courses focus on how to optimize your artificial lift solutions to get the most from your producing assets.

Choose your training course

Learn on your schedule. Anywhere, anytime.

In person training courses

Due to the COVID pandemic and CDC recommendations, all in-person training is currently on hold. Please continue to check for future course listings as business operations reopen.

Other Training

We are pleased to announce the launch of The Windrock Reciprocating Institute which delivers focused, interactive web-based training to optimize the health of reciprocating compressors and engines.

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