Production Automation and Optimization Courses

Due to the COVID pandemic and CDC recommendations, all in-person training is currently on hold. Please continue to check for future course listings as business operations reopen.

XSPOC Admin Training – One Day

This course provides attendees with the information to successfully administrate the XSPOC program and database. Learn how to customize the system to your needs, schedule automatic printing of reports, create links to Microsoft Access for user-defined reports, set-up database maintenance, and re-install and restore the database. A good working knowledge of XSPOC is required. Engineers, IT system administrators, production superintendents, foremen, field technicians, and lease operators will benefit greatly from this training.

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XSPOC User Training

This course provides attendees with a full understanding of the functionality of XSPOC, and how to apply the software to optimizing the operation of rod pumped systems, optimizing the performance of pump-off controllers, and maximizing production. The participant is given “hands on” training with a demo XSPOC installation that uses real field data and has full capabilities. In addition, examples with field data will be presented that allow the student to diagnose and correct operational problems.

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