XSPOC 3.1 Production Optimization Software

The constant ask to do more with less leaves little time to optimize anything outside of your top priority assets. But, with our latest production optimization software release, XSPOC 3.1™, you really can have it all. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, XSPOC 3.1 monitors and recognizes issues as well conditions and equipment operations change and then autonomously adjusts operations based on set parameters - with no human intervention – to optimize production based on your business strategy.

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You don’t have to settle

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Automatically determine and apply optimal setpoints

Protect operating equipment and eliminate unnecessary downtime.

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Autonomously optimize idle time

Maximize production without damaging downhole equipment.

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Apply consistent expertise across all assets

Have peace of mind knowing that expert algorithms are keeping your wells operating optimally.


Artificial lift meets artificial intelligence

Harnessing artificial intelligence built into advanced optimization software allows you to focus on high priority wells AND maintain optimal performance of your remaining assets.

Maximize the potential of your production assets

Theta Automation and Optimization released XSPOC 3.1, which offers several powerful updates to the XSPOC platform, including advancements in setpoint optimization for rod lift wells and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven autonomous control to better optimize production assets with less resources and time.

Automatically determine and apply optimal setpoints

  • Leverage advanced algorithms built to optimize several setpoints with flexible configuration
  • Identify the operational “sweet spot” between equipment integrity and optimized production rates

Autonomously optimize idle time to match downhole conditions

  • Avoid excessive cycling by increasing idle time to reduce pump off strokes and protect the equipment in wells that have larger design capacities than the reservoir is producing
  • Increase production by reducing idle time in wells that have unnecessarily long downtimes causing the casing fluid level to impede inflow

Apply consistent expert engineering across all assets

  • Automate the optimization of most of your assets so you can focus on the problem wells
  • Allows for you to work on the more nuanced and challenging problems with the peace of mind knowing that expert algorithms are keeping your wells operating optimally

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