Getting the most from your ESP investment takes a submersible motor capable of delivering the power and durability you expect at the right cost. The AFFIRMED™ XT motor is proven technology that provides enough horsepower for a wide range of applications with design features that extend UNBRIDLED® ESP system run life and efficiency.

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Don’t compromise on horsepower…or reliability

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Get all the power you need

Better power density delivers the horsepower required for a wide range of applications.

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Improve ESP up time

Higher temperature ratings reduce shut downs due to motor overheating.

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Enhance ESP reliability

Motor design features improve electrical integrity and reduce the impact of torque and vibration.

Keep your motor running

The horsepower capabilities and robust construction of AFFIRMED XT motors are designed for deep, high-temperature wells. A motor configuration can be customized to meet your specific applications. We have optimized the motor construction to withstand the most challenging wells and to deliver the necessary power to meet your production goals. Keep your horses running!

Increase your Lifting Power

Optimized rotor and stator laminations increase power density

  • Optimized rotor and stator laminations increase power density
  • Reduces the applications requiring tandem motors

Keep your ESP Running

AFFIRMED XT motors are rated up to 325˚F (204˚C) operating temperature and 325˚F (163˚C) bottomhole temperature at full HP load, which reduces ESP shutdowns due to motor overheating.

Improve the Longevity of your ESP

  • Ultra-high load, polymer-coated tilt pad thrust bearings increase load capabilities
  • More polyimide insulation in the stator slots increases electrical integrity
  • Outboard rotor bearings reduce vibration
  • Shaped rotor bars reduce heat generation in the motor to enhance reliability
  • Involute splines handle higher torque
  • Metallurgy and coating options protection against harsh downhole conditions

Use Less Power to Operate your ESP

  • Non-magnetic bearings in the rotor stack improve efficiency
  • Shaped rotor bars reduce electrical losses to improve the efficiency of the AFFIRMED XT motor

A rugged power connection
you can count on

AFFIRMED XT motors feature a robust 5kV tape-in motor lead connection to ensure connectivity from the power cable to the motor and to further enhance the reliability of the ESP system. Tape-in connections have greater insulating strength due to the quantity of PTFE tape that’s used and the technique with which is it applied.

New product release:

AFFIRMED PowerFit Motor

Small-diameter wells provide greater wellbore stability and save you time and money. But, when you need to produce those wells with ESP systems, you’ve been forced to make a trade off – horsepower or space.
Now you don’t have to choose.

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