CAVALCADE Power Cables

Ensure continuous, reliable power to your ESP systems

CAVALCADE™ ESP power cable meets the high-quality standards required for any oil and gas industry specification–even the most challenging unconventional applications–to deliver the electrical requirements of your ESP and to extend system run life.

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Get the power you need, where you need it

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Reduce power losses

Get cable built with solid copper conductors.

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Enhance ESP reliability

Mitigate the impact of harsh downhole conditions on the cable.

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Meet your power needs

Get the cable size, volts, and temperature rating required for your well conditions.

It’s all about power and protection

CAVALCADE ESP cable comes in configurations designed to meet the power needs of all UNBRIDLED® ESP systems. The cable construction provides superior protection from fluids and gas ingress into the cable and minimizes the impact of corrosive well fluids.

Reduce Power Losses

Solid copper conductors ensure that all the required power gets to your motor and provides greater cable tensile strength.

Enhance ESP Reliability

  • Insulation rated for high-gas environments
  • Lead sheath prevents gas and fluid ingress
  • Armor metallurgy options to mitigate corrosion
  • Heavy lead sheath and PTFE tape configuration for harsh, corrosive downhole environments

Match power needs and
downhole environment

  • Flat and round configurations
  • 2, 4, 6, and 1/0 gauge cables
  • 2kV to 5 kV rated cables
  • Tested up to 450˚F (232˚C)

Count on a secure motor lead connection

UNBRIDLED ESP Systems use a tape-in motor lead extension to ensure connectivity from the power cable to the motor. Tape-in connections have high insulating strength due to the quantity of PTFE tape that’s used and the technique with which is it applied. This makes the connection more rugged and reliable than plug-in designs.

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