VIGIL Protectors

Choosing the right protector for the downhole conditions is essential to keeping well fluid out of the motor and extending ESP system longevity. The modular design of VIGIL™ protectors provides the flexibility and redundancy required to achieve effective motor protection in all types of well conditions and any wellbore orientation.

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Protect your ESP System

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Get more options

Choose from a host of modular isolation chamber configurations to match your well conditions.

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Improve reliability

Minimize pump thrust on the motor with application-specific thrust bearing options.

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Prevent damage

Prevent debris in the well fluid from causing damage with premium mechanical face seals.

Find out how a protector works

Have you ever wondered exactly what a protector is and what it actually does? Protectors are the most mysterious part of an ESP system. Learn how a protector works and how it shields your ESP from damage.

Protector…seal…equalizer…whatever you call it, your ESP needs it

The protector is the most under rated, yet critical, part of an ESP system. VIGIL protectors not only protect the motor from well fluids but but also prevent damage to the motor from excessive thrust loads and thermal cycling. The protector also provides the necessary torque from the motor to the pump to “drive” your UNBRIDLED® ESP Systems.

Transmits Torque

VIGIL protectors transmit torque from the motor to drive the pump shaft at the motor operating RPM.

Equalizes Pressure

VIGIL protectors equalize ESP internal pressure with wellbore pressure to prevent leaks at sealed ESP joints and at the motor lead connection.

Prevents Fluid Ingress

VIGIL protectors isolate clean motor oil from wellbore fluid to prevent well fluid ingress into the motor.

Allows for Expansion and Contraction

VIGIL protectors allow for expansion and contraction of motor oil to ensure the motor is filled with the correct volume of oil during thermal cycles.

Handles Pump Thrust Load

VIGIL protectors carry the pump thrust load to prevent damage to the motor.

Get the best protector configuration for your well

The modular design of VIGIL protectors means we can configure the best solution for your well’s downhole conditions. Protectors are constructed with Aflas† bag and pipe labyrinth oil-filled chambers that are configured based on a variety of factors, including ESP horsepower, ESP setting depth, flow rate, bottomhole temperature, and well fluid chemical makeup.
†Aflas is a trademark of AGC Inc.

Enhance the reliability of your ESP System

VIGIL protectors ensure the longevity of your ESP system with thrust bearings–including ultra-high load, tilt pad bearings for maximum capacity–that carry the pump shaft thrust, preventing the load from being transferred to the motor. Premium face mechanical seals located in the head of the protector provide even more protection by preventing damage from debris and foreign material in the well fluid.

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