WHIRLAWAY Gas Handlers

In wells with high gas volumes in the fluid stream you need solutions that keep production on line. WHIRLAWAY™ gas handlers are designed to manage more than 40% free gas before it can enter the pump, improving the performance of your UNBRIDLED® ESP Systems.

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Keep gas out, keep production pumping

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Increase ESP up time

Mitigate shutdowns due to gas locking.

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Improve drawdown

Lower reservoir pressure to increase
reserve recovery.

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Enhance ESP reliability

Minimize wear and tear from gas locking
shut downs.

Keep your options open

All wells are not created equal, so it’s good to have options. UNBRIDLED ESP Systems offers rotary and vortex gas separators to effectively isolate and expel free gas before it can enter the pump and cause shut downs due to gas locking. And the WHIRLAWAY GKX gas handling device provides even greater protection for your pump.

Vortex Gas Separator

  • Ideal for harsh downhole conditions and initial high flow rates
  • Flow rates from 75 BPD to 6,500 BPD
  • Up to 97% efficient
  • Enhanced hardened bearings in the head, base, and middle of the separator
    • Limits erosion due to abrasives in the fluid stream
    • Provides superior radial support to limit vibration
  • Better solids handling with fewer mechanical parts

Rotary Gas Separator

  • Ideal for conventional wells with high gas-to-oil ratios
  • Flow rates from 75 BPD to 6,500 BPD
  • Up to 90% efficient with a single unit; tandem configuration improves efficiency to up to 99%
  • Enhanced hardened bearings in the head and base for greater radial stabilization to reduce vibration and the impact of abrasives

GKX Gas Handling Device

  • Conditions fluid before it enters the pump
  • Homogenizes the fluid and increases pressure to break up large gas slugs and to keep gas in solution
  • Handles fluids with more than 40% free gas
  • Features corrosion- and abrasion-resistant metallurgy
WHIRLAWAY™ Gas Handlers Separation Efficiency Graph.

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