Gas Lift

Flexible…effective…and economical

Declining reservoir pressure, increasing water cuts, and falling gas-to-liquid ratios can make consistent, predictable production a challenge. PCS Ferguson gas lift systems provide an effective, economic option to optimize production as downhole conditions change in shallow or deep, vertical or horizontal wells.

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Optimize current and future production

Gas lift uses a high-pressure source to inject gas into the production string through a series of valves. As the gas flows to the surface, it expands, reducing the density and column weight of the fluid. By reducing the flowing tubing pressure, differential pressure between the reservoir and the wellbore is created, allowing the well to flow.

Our gas lift solutions deliver:

  • An unrivaled ability to accommodate varying well characteristics
  • A superior design that accounts for current and future conditions
  • Flexible artificial lift solutions for the life of the well
  • A full range of equipment to meet your current needs

Get the right gas lift solution for any application

PCS Ferguson gas lift experts can design and deploy a fit-for-purpose solution for a myriad of requirements, including

  • Producing wells that cannot flow naturally
  • Initial unloading of a well that will flow
  • Increasing the production rate of a flowing well
  • Accommodating deviated or horizontal wellbores
  • Removing solids by back flowing
  • Producing wells with sand and scale problems
  • Combining with plunger lift to reduce operating expenses

OPTIpod design software

Installation of your gas lift system begins with designing the best-engineered solution. Our OPTIpod™ software uses a number of well characteristics to determine the optimal amount of gas needed to deliver fluids to the surface. It also indicates the best gas-injection locations based on pressure, a critical criterion for optimal production.

Find us right where you need us

When you need equipment and service now, count on a provider with facilities close to your operations. PCS Ferguson gas lift has locations throughout the United States and Canada.

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