Capillary Tubing Services

Extending the life of artificial lift systems is important to lower your operating costs. And delivering chemical treatments directly to the lift equipment as well as ensuring reliable data from your downhole sensor are two essential ways to improve the longevity of artificial lift systems.
That’s why PCS Ferguson offers capillary tubing and tubing encapsulated cable (TEC) installation services manned by field technicians experienced in downhole equipment, cable, and tubing installation.

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Reduce your OPEX, improve your production

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Extend the life of your lift system

Deliver chemicals where they do the most good; ensure data delivery from your downhole sensor.

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Rely on experienced field technicians

Count on technicians with the skills to quickly and reliably install capillary tubing and TEC.

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Keep your operations simple

Make one call to manage an entire artificial lift installation job.

Capillary tubing services

Capillary tubing is a chemical delivery system of different sizes and materials that is usually banded to the outside of the tubing. Capillary tubing allows you to:

  • Maximize production while protecting tubulars
  • Eliminate batch treatments and well shut ins
  • Reduce chemical costs by spot placing the chemicals and precisely measuring chemical injection
  • Adjust chemical injection rates for dynamic production ranges
  • Reduce well intervention associated with scale, corrosion, and paraffin

Tubing encapsulated cable (TEC)

TEC provides power to your permanent downhole sensor and transmits real-time pressure and temperature data from the sensor to the surface. Reliable data delivery via TEC is essential to:

  • Provide insights for well performance evaluation and production optimization
  • Enable continuous improvement of your artificial lift system performance
  • Allow for automated control of motor speed, gas injection rates, revolutions per minute, or strokes per minute as production rates change
  • Enable shut-downs and re-starts based on changing bottomhole pressure

Get a one-stop downhole and automation gas lift solution

PCS Ferguson’s gas lift portfolio includes everything you need to make your gas lift operation effective and simple.

  • System design experts
  • Turnkey mandrels, valves, and packers
  • Capillary tubing and TEC installation services
  • Reliable gas lift downhole sensor
  • Gas injection automation technology

Count on a sensor that reliably delivers the data you need

Improve your artificial lift system run life and maximize production with real-time bottomhole pressure and temperature data from a highly reliable sensor.

  • Small diameter options fit every wellbore and are deployed via TEC or gauge carrier
  • 2+years of field-proven performance
  • Available for applications up to 10,000 psi and 302˚F

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