Gas Lift Mandrels

The PCS Ferguson tubing retrievable gas lift system of mandrels and valves is integrated in the tubing string for an economic and efficient equipment solution.

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Tubing-retrievable mandrels

PCS Ferguson gas list mandrels are available in various sizes and materials for different operating environments, and can be used in either a single or dual-string completion.

IM and SR Series Mandrel Images.

SR and JR Series Mandrels

These tubing-retrievable mandrels are installed as an integral component of the tubing. Both mandrels have an external ported lug to carry tubing retrievable gas lift and orifice valves.

  • SR Series Mandrel
    • Configured for 1½-in. OD gas lift equipment
  • JR Series Mandrel
    • Configured for 1-in. OD equipment

LM and IM Series Mandrels

Both are installed in the tubing string.

  • LM Series Mandrel
    • Has an external ported lug configured for 5/8-in. OD tubing retrievable gas lift equipment
  • IM Series Mandrel
    • Features internally mounted gas lift and check valves, and has the same “OD” dimensions as the tubing, which makes it ideal in wells with limited clearance between the tubing and casing

Wireline-retrievable mandrels

D F Series Mandrel product image.

D and F Series Side Pocket Mandrels

These mandrels are used as an internal receiver for installing and retrieving gas lift valves and related equipment without having to pull or rerun the tubing string. Their oval shape makes the mandrels ideal for dual completion applications, and they can be installed in deviated or straight well bores.

  • D Series Mandrels
    • Features machined pockets and guards with 1-in. and 1½-in. ID
  • F Series Mandrels
    • Features a one-piece forged pocket detector, 1-in. pocket ID, and a 180° latch pocket profile

Round Body Side Pocket Mandrels

Featuring a round body design with machined pocket and guards, these mandrels are primarily used in single completions. Installed as part of the tubing string, the mandrel pocket acts as a landing nipple for retrievable gas lift equipment and is offset from the bore of the tubing to allow post completion tools to pass through without restriction. Different models and configurations include:

  • R Series Mandrel
    • Has 1-in. and 1½-in. ID pockets
  • U Series Mandrel
    • Has a 1-in. pocket ID and a special clearance OD for installation in small casing sizes

H Series Mandrel

This high-pressure mandrel with a 1-in. ID pocket and an enhanced burst and collapse pressure rating is designed to be compatible with most heavy-weight tubulars.

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