Gas Lift Valves

PCS Ferguson offers a comprehensive line of gas lift valves for either injection pressure or production pressure operation. Designed to anticipate changes in well characteristics and manufactured to the highest quality standards, our gas lift and check valves offer exceptional performance and reliability over the life of the well.

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Count on the team that delivers just what you need

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Meet changing well conditions

Our superior design process accounts for both current and anticipated conditions and accommodates changing conditions over the life of the well.

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Get a system that fits

The success of a gas lift system depends upon the initial design. We work with you to understand your needs and then design and deliver the best system for your well.

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Leverage our products and people

We offer a full range of equipment for vertical and horizontal wellbores and your specific well conditions. Our experts have extensive local knowledge to provide the highest service quality.

TP Series valves

Our TP Series valves are tubing retrievable, spring loaded check valves with an NPT bottom connection. Used in conjunction with tubing retrievable injection valves that do not have an integral check valve, these valves provide casing protection from back flow through the injection valve.

WP Series valves

Our WP Series valves are retrievable, injection pressure operated valves with a nitrogen charged dome and bellows configuration.

WF Series valves

For dual gas lift systems or applications with unstable injection pressure, our WF Series of spring-loaded, production pressure-operated valves are an excellent choice.

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