Jet Pumps

Designed to meet the most challenging well conditions, our Petrolift™ jet pumps are engineered and manufactured in the United States of high quality, anti-corrosive materials. The robust, economical design is the perfect match for fluids with high solids content and high-volume wells. With a variety of configurations and sizes, our jet pumps are suited for operation in all types of conditions, including deviated and deep wellbores.

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Engineered to exceed your expectations

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Economical execution

Petrolift jet pumps are pumping retrievable, which eliminates the need for an expensive workover rig and reduces down time.

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Reliable operation

With no internal moving parts, Petrolift jet pumps are easy to service and maintain.

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Flexible design

With capacity ranging from 50 BPD to 20,000 BPD, Petrolift jet pumps meet all of your production and configuration requirements.

The Venturi effect: Why it matters

Jet pumps operate based on the Venturi Effect. Power fluid, supplied by an accelerated multiplex plunger pump on the surface, is forced through a restriction in the jet pump called a nozzle. The act of restricting the flow has two effects on the fluid: Increased velocity and decreased pressure. This is known as the Venturi Effect. Formation fluid is drawn to this area of low pressure and commingles with power fluid in the jet pump throat. From here, the commingled fluid is slowed in the diffuser and exits the jet pump. Produced fluid is returned to the surface for processing.

New Product Release

SMARTEN Jet Lift Controller

With a high tolerance for abrasives, corrosive fluids, and high gas-to-liquid ratios, jet lift is proving its value and versatility every day in applications ranging from producing deviated wells and multiple-well pads to recovering frac fluid and dewatering gas wells. The SMARTEN™ controller from Prime Pump Solutions™ is engineered to elevate jet lift operations to new performance levels by pairing state-of-the-art digital technologies with superior mechanical designs.

Jet pump operation

It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4! Because jet pumps are seated in a bottomhole assembly, insertion and retrievable of jet pumps is simple using the wellhead. Changes to throat and nozzle configurations can be made in less than two hours when accounting for retrieval and pumping time.

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Step One

Seating the jet pump

The jet pump is inserted into the wellhead, pumped down the tubing, and seats in the bottomhole assembly.

Step Two

Power fluid injection

Power fluid is injected down the tubing, with the surface pump, and is forced through the nozzle of the jet pump, creating the Venturi effect

Step Three

The Venturi effect

Production fluid enters the pump and combines with the high-velocity power fluid in the throat. The commingled fluids then enter the diffuser and the production fluid is lifted to the surface.

Step Four

Pump retrieval

To remove or change the jet pump assembly, power fluid is pumped down the casing annulus and the pump is circulated to the surface where it is retrieved or changed out.

A solution for demanding production environments

Solid Contaminants

With no moving parts and high-grade material choices, jet pumps handle solids and erosion with ease.

High Gas Production

Petrolift jet pumps are equipped to handle gas-to-liquid ratios as high as 2,000:1.

Corrosive Environments

Jet pumps are available in high-grade alloys to combat corrosion attack. Chemical treatment minimizes scale and paraffin buildup.

High Volume Wells

Our jet pumps deliver high-volume production without back pressure, which reduces the potential for formation damage.

Deviated and Deep Wellbores

Featuring a high-pressure compact design, Petrolift jet pumps are highly suited to deviated wells and deep wellbores ranging from 3,000 to 15,000 ft.

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