Skid Packages

Prime Pump Solutions’ expert designers, engineers, and fabrication personnel are ready to create a custom skid package just for you. We are experts in enclosed units for harsh environments and Class 1 Division 1 explosion proof requirements.

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Designed and built to the highest standards

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Engineered for strength

Our skids are engineered for strength and durability before a single beam is welded. Why settle for an inferior product?

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Designed for you

Prime Pump Solutions offers standard and custom skid packages. No matter the application, we have you covered.

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Fabricated in-house

Prime Pump Solutions skid packages are designed and fabricated in Odessa, Texas. We handle the details so you don’t have to.

Quality skids…built to last a lifetime

You demand high quality, and we deliver every time–period. Our skids are engineered and fabricated to last a lifetime. Whether you are simply looking to mount a pump and motor combination or commission a custom unit with enclosure and filter units, Prime Pump Solutions has a solution to meet your budgetary and footprint constraints. Contact our sales team to learn more.

We make the process easy

Ordering a Prime Pump Solutions skid unit is as simple as 1-2-3-4. We strive to make the process as easy and stress free as possible. We know you have more pressing concerns than equipment layouts and tedious project oversight. Rest assured that we are equipped to provide the quality product, service, and communication you deserve.


Key component identification

Work with our sales force to determine the key components and requirements of your system. Questions to answer include: what pump size is required; what type of drive is needed; is the skid open or enclosed; are special electrical constraints required?

Preliminary Approval

Design review

Review the initial design layout, quote package, and lead time with our sales team. Ask questions and refine the requirements, if required.


Prepare wellsite

Place your order. While your skid unit works through our build-out process, prepare the wellsite for the unit to arrive. Our engineering team is available to review site and piping layouts, if requested.


Delivery and operation

Time for the unit to arrive on site. Our dedicated service team will meet the unit to commission the system at your location. Our team is devoted to having your unit operate smoothly and efficiently.

If needed, they will adjust the alignment of the pump and motor for smooth operation. Once piping is installed, the unit is ready for action.

Why Choose a Prime Pump Solutions skid unit?

Standard Skid Configurations

Short on time with a looming deadline? We can build a standard skid package in short order or provide a rental until your skid unit is ready.

ChampionX - Hydraulic Lift Filtration Unit Skid Packages.

Harsh Environments

If weather is an issue, our team is experienced in fabricating skid units with buildings to protect equipment and personnel.

Enclosed Unit for Harsh Enviroments in Snowy North Dakota.

Filter Units and Centrifugal Pumps

Our skids are not just for plunger pumps. We design and fabricate units for filter units, centrifugal pumps, and more.

ChampionX - Hydraulic Lift Filtration Unit Skid Packages.

Equipment Testing

All skid units that leave our Odessa, Texas, manufacturing facility are function tested to minimize start-up time upon delivery.

Skid unit test pad in Odessa, Texas.

Electrical and H2S

We are well versed in the requirements for H2S environments including C1D1 and C1D2.

Enclosed Unit H2S electrical safety features.
Standard open air skid package offering -400hp.

Designed in CAD…

All Prime Pump Solutions units are drawn in CAD (computer aided design) software before a single weld is tacked. This is how we ensure a high-quality, high-precision product every time. Ask an advisor today to inquire about custom skid design services.

…Verified in FEA

Some skid manufacturers under deliver on quality because they lack engineering expertise to evaluate the design. At Prime Pump Solutions, our in-house engineering team evaluates every skid package for structural integrity using Finite Element Analysis software.

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