Downhole Equipment

PCS Ferguson’s plunger lift downhole equipment includes the industry’s widest array of plungers, bottomhole springs and other equipment to ensure optimal production rates in all types of well conditions.

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Ensure optimal production rates in all types of well conditions

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Protect the plunger

Bottomhole bumper springs protect equipment by absorbing the impact of the plunger.

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Reduce costs

The standing valve combo bumper spring is easier, quicker, and less expensive to install and retrieve.

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Get accessories to fit your needs

The industry’s largest downhole equipment portfolio covers every application.

Bottomhole bumper springs

Bottomhole bumper springs protect the plunger and downhole tubing equipment from damage by absorbing the impact of the plunger when there are limited or no liquids in the well to cushion its fall.

  • Collar Stop Bumper Springs: Installed inside a “collared” tubing string, the collar stop is set via wireline in the collar gap between the ends of two pieces of tubing. Permanently attached, the spring cannot travel up behind the plunger.
  • Collet Latch Bumper Spring: The collet latch can be latched to any standard fishing neck. It is normally used when a “special” stop is required or a downhole device is in the well.
  • Standing Valve Combo Bumper Spring: By combining the spring and the standing valve, this combo is easier, quicker, and less expensive to install and retrieve. It may be used as a standing valve (with ball and seat added) or the standing valve cage (without ball and seat) may be used as a convenient hold down.
  • Tubing Stop Combo Bumper Spring: Installed via wireline inside the tubing when no seating nipple is available. The single assembly is easier, faster and less expensive to install.

Additional downhole equipment

  • Tubing Stops: The tubing stop sets a stopping point for the tubing string without the use of couplings to set the collar stops
  • Auto-Dump Pack-Off Tool: The auto dump pack-off tool is used in wells with a tubing stop to pack off tubing to hold fluid

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