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Backed by more than 30 years of development and application expertise, PCS Ferguson’s lubricators and arrival sensors are designed for maximum durability, safety and efficiency.

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Rely on durable, efficient, safe surface equipment

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Wide range of applications

Count on surface equipment for any wellhead configuration and specification.

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Meets industry standards

Equipment meets or exceeds industry standards and materials are traceable from the mill to
the wellsite.

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Customizable settings

Continually calibrate the sensor to well conditions to eliminate false plunger arrival reports.


Lubricators cushion the impact of the arriving plunger and afford easy access to the plunger for maintenance or replacement. With design options that include single or double outlet, flanged or threaded, standard or low temperature ratings, and sizes from 1¼-in. to 3½-in., we deliver easily customized lubricators for any wellhead configuration and specification.

Other standard features include:

  • A long-length cap improves safety and allows easy access to the plunger for inspection, removal, or replacement
  • Designed and manufactured to API 6A standards
  • Traceability of all materials from the mill to the field
  • Patented poly spring, which maintains optimal impact absorption for speeds up to 3,000 ft/min

Arrival sensors

Arrival Sensors detect plunger arrival at surface and triggers the controller to operate the motor valve, a key element of optimized production. PCS Ferguson’s arrival sensors are engineered to detect 100% of plunger arrivals—with no false reports.

  • The 3DSO® Arrival Sensor incorporates an embedded microprocessor that continually calibrates to the well, providing the intelligence required to eliminate false arrival reports. And 3D navigation technology detects plunger location in three axes to penetrate through the lubricator and accurately sense the plunger’s arrival every time.
  • The Inductive Arrival Sensor alerts the controller of plunger arrival with a sensitivity that can be adjusted to gain the optimum signal. The electronic sensor’s adjustability is ideal for applications where plunger detection is difficult or unreliable. It is useful for older style wellheads/catchers where a sensor housing is not available.

Find us right where you need us

When you need equipment and service now, count on a provider with facilities close to your operations. PCS Ferguson has locations throughout the United States and Canada.

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