Production Automation and Optimization

From down hole to the cloud…for the life of the well

The Theta Automation and Optimization portfolio of hardware, software, and services is the industry’s most comprehensive Artificial Lift digital solution. And you don’t have to be an expert in electronics or computer science to understand the value we bring. All you need to know is we deliver answers at the wellsite or to your computer and smart phone…answers to help you lower your costs and optimize your production—whatever that means to you.

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Get the data you need to make SMART decisions

To optimize your artificial lift program you have to know what’s happening down hole. Theta Automation and Optimization’s downhole sensor portfolio is proven to deliver critical data from ESP, rod lift, gas lift, PCP, and hydraulic jet pump systems. We offer the industry’s only two-year warranty on all of our downhole sensors. Put us to the test.

SMARTEN™ controllers allow you to make real-time, on-site or remote adjustments to prolong the life of rod lift, ESP, and PCP systems. Based on data from the downhole sensors, SMARTEN controls software detects changing downhole conditions and adjusts the artificial system’s operating parameters to keep the equipment running smoothly and to meet your production objectives.

Get answers to all your artificial lift challenges

The industry-leading XSPOC™ artificial lift software platform is the foundation of the Theta Automation and Optimization portfolio. XSPOC software uses physics-based diagnostics and artificial intelligence to identify issues and recommend remedial actions before they become problems.

Our LOOKOUT™ web client provides an easy to use, easily accessible, secure interface so you can keep “eyes” on your wells from anywhere. Customize KPIs, filters, alarms, and reports to drive better, faster decisions. And, we offer LOOKOUT™ monitoring and optimization services if you require artificial lift experts to monitor and optimize your lift systems.

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