LOOKOUT Monitoring and Optimization Services

Keep expert eyes on your assets

We get it. You have a lot of demands on your time every day and it’s not always easy to find the time to effectively monitor your wells. We can help. Add virtual horsepower to your production team with LOOKOUT™ monitoring and optimization services. Our optimization engineers have the deep domain expertise to recognize issues before they become problems and to keep your production systems operating at peak performance.

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Leverage the know-how of trained optimization experts

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Pick the right service level

Pick the best option for your operation from flexible service tiers.

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Keep production on line

Optimization engineers identify an issue and take action before it becomes a catastrophic problem – all without the cost of a site visit.

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Drive continuous improvement

From system design to the failure analysis process, optimization engineers help drive
improved performance.

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We make it easy to turn data
into insights

Every day you are inundated with data from multiple sources and in different formats, making it a challenge to extract meaningful insights to help improve your operations. LOOKOUT™ 2.0 web client can help you alleviate this headache.

Built on XSPOC™ 3.0 software platform–the industry’s most recognized analytics software–LOOKOUT 2.0 web client integrates data from multiple sources to monitor and control all forms of artificial lift and surface facilities from one easy-to-manage, customizable, web-based interface.

Lower your OPEX and manage your production with help from our optimization advisors

The LOOKOUT monitoring and optimization service is designed with the flexibility to meet your unique business needs, whether it’s an on-demand, one-time well optimization or 24/7 surveillance of your entire field.

Whenever you need them–and even when you don’t know you need them–LOOKOUT services optimization engineers are in your corner. And they have the know-how to keep your production systems operating at peak performance.

Pick a monitoring service that suits your business

  • Pick from our flexible service tiers that range from on-demand, one-time services to 24/7 surveillance of you wells
  • Customize each well set up to “see” the most important data
  • Customize KPIs and reports to track well performance

Keep your operations humming

  • Address issues before they become problems
  • Troubleshoot wells remotely via the well controller
  • Fine-tune your production system operation remotely
  • Set up customer reports
  • Use interactive historical trends
  • Update well controller software remotely

Learn and improve

  • Establish regular well reviews with optimization engineers
  • Optimize your power consumption and power quality
  • Use trend analyses to continually fine-tune equipment operations and extend run life
  • Include optimization engineers in the failure analysis process to gain deeper insights

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