XSPOC Production Optimization Software

Get the most out of your production assets

XSPOC™ is a production optimization software that identifies and diagnoses anomalies in artificially-lifted wells, and recommends steps to optimize system performance. Using physics-based diagnostics and artificial intelligence, XSPOC software helps lower operating costs and risks, manage more with less, and maximize overall productivity of your assets.

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Protect and optimize your production systems

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Maximize productivity

Quickly and easily identify uplift opportunities and increase production of suboptimal wells.

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Do more with less

Focus people on the right assets at the right time and manage by exception.

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Lower operating expenses and risks

Avoid failures and extend run times while also reducing wellsite visits.

How XSPOC can optimize your production assets

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Physics-based Diagnostics

Physics-based models are used to depict what is actually occurring down hole. Physics-based diagnostics allow you to model your lift system so you can characterize operational or failure modes from your wells.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI automates processes that are performed manually, making decisions based on specified parameters. AI autonomously runs pattern matching and multivariable trend analysis to optimally control lift performance.

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XSPOC optimization software communicates with field devices and performs both control and data acquisition tasks via its own polling engine. XSPOC software also integrates with all major SCADA platforms in the market.

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Open Platform

XSPOC optimization software is built on SQL tables, and is highly configurable. It also integrates with third-party software including Wellview and Open Wells and can be visualized in tools such as Spotfire and Tableau.

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Fundamental objectives of optimization

At Theta Automation and Optimization, we believe there are four steps to the optimization of production assets. Our artificial lift experts have constructed physics-based models and artificial intelligence models to enable the autonomous operation of lift optimization including: identification, diagnosis, recommendation, and autonomous control.


Identify Issues

Which wells are underperforming or operating in a way that will lead to premature failure?


Diagnose the Problem

What is the exact operational or failure mode?


Recommend Action

What can be done to alleviate the problem?

Autonomous Operation

Closed-Loop Control

If possible, can the change be made automatically?

New Product Release:


Theta Automation and Optimization released XSPOC 3.1, which offers several powerful updates to the XSPOC platform, including advancements in setpoint optimization for rod lift wells and AI-driven autonomous control to better optimize production assets with less resources and time.

Unmatched history

Leveraging over 25 years of data, XSPOC is unlike any other optimization software. With 5 of the 6 major E&P operators relying on XPSOC for their production optimization needs, we have data from more than 25 million rod pump cards, 2,000 ESPs, and 135,000 wells. Combining all this data allows our team to fine-tune algorithms and models to help you get the best results.

Easy access

XSPOC software can be deployed wherever you need it—on premise, in the cloud, or we can even host it for you.

Its open architecture allows for easy integration with other production software like WellView, Open Wells, and other electronic well file databases.

On the go? No problem. We also offer a mobile app and web-based client so XSPOC is always accessible.

Backed by the best

Software without expertise can only get you so far. XSPOC was founded and still solely focused on oilfield production—backed by some of the industry’s most knowledgeable engineers working behind the scenes.

Leveraging expertise from the broader ChampionX Artificial Lift and Chemicals businesses, we drive continuous improvement and innovation across the production space.

We understand your business and build data-driven solutions to overcome your biggest production challenges.

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