Coiled Rod

Manufactured as a one-piece, continuous rod string, coiled rod has a uniform diameter that makes it ideally suited for rod strings in deviated, slant, or horizontal wells. Pro-Rod® is dedicated to delivering the most consistent, reliable, and cost-effective coiled rod and rod handling systems in the industry.

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Rely on the industry’s largest coiled-rod manufacturer

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Reduce side loading

Fewer connections and guides offer a uniform rod diameter that can drastically reduce sideloading in deviated applications and the associated costs of rod string maintenance.

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Increase production

Get a uniform flow area for fluid in the production tubing to eliminate coupling-induced pressure losses and to boot production.

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Reduce service costs

A one-piece configuration helps reduce trip times, eliminate coupling make-up, and lower associated manpower costs.

Quality and performance driven

Pro-Rod’s proprietary quenched and tempered coiled rod is available in all grades and sizes to meet your production system conditions while adhering to ISO certification 9001: 2015.

PRO-ROD 880H Coiled Rod

Economical option for thermal & conventional applications

This proprietary alloy rod has proven to be effective in a client’s thermal rod pumped application. With base grades like no other, 880H significantly increased the “Mean Time Between Failures,” resulting in longer problem-free production cycles and increased profits for the client.

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