Gas and solids are two of the biggest challenges for rod lift pumping systems. Proven, advanced technologies are required to combat these issues and keep your pumps running. Harbison-Fischer® offers a full line of downhole tools to separate gas and solids in the well to increase system run life and enhance production.

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Mitigate the effects of gas and solids in rod lift systems

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Improve run life

Robust separator designs for gas and high-solids environments protect your rod pump.

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Get a solution for any application

We have a variety of downhole tool solutions that mitigate gas pump interference, along with sand and solids.

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Increase efficiency

Enhanced features improve separation.

Increase production and minimize maintenance costs

During production, naturally occurring gases and formation sand, salt, scale, corrosion, and solid contaminants enter the wellbore and create pumping inefficiencies that severely diminish production and can contribute to increased maintenance costs and unnecessary failures. Our patented Hybrid-XR™ separator is a simple, effective tool that uses cyclonic motion and internal baffling for superior downhole separation of gas, sands, and solids.

Put an end to destructive effects of sands and solids

Our sand and solids separator uses a patented, centrifugal motion design that captures sand and solids before they can interfere with rod pump performance. Then production fluid fills the pump intake while solids are captured before they can enter the pump.

Put an end to efficiency-robbing gas interference

Our downhole gas separator is a simple, set-and-forget downhole tool that sits between the packer and rod pump. Using a patented internal baffling system, the tool agitates and breaks apart high gas/liquid ratio (GLR) emulsions for more effective separation of gas and fluids.

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