Specialty Rod Pumps

Whether your well has a problem with sand, corrosion, gas locking, or some other unique challenge, we have the experience, expertise, and extensive range of products to ensure the best possible fit for each application. Our commitment to manufacturing precision consistently delivers the performance our customers need, earning us the reputation of providing The Best Pumps in the Oil Patch™.

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Delivers efficiency and long run life in gassy, sandy, and high-volume wells

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Wide arrange of applications

Our specialty pumps are available in various metallurgies and can be applied in the most challenging well conditions.

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Count on superior performance

We offer the best performing, highest quality, and safest products designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house.

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Get a system that fits

The success of a rod lift system depends on the initial design. We work with you to understand your needs and then design and deliver the best system for your well.

Overcome gas locking and handle gas entrained in your fluid stream

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Variable Slippage Pump

Prevent gas lock & gas pound

A sucker rod-drawn, positive-displacement pump that operates on the principle of pressure equalization just before the plunger reaches the top of the upstroke.

  • Engineered to promote steady and consistent production, especially in gassy wells
  • Industry-standard components allow the Variable Slippage™ pump to fit into nearly any well and make for a simple installation process
  • Increases minimum load on the polished rod, prolonging your sucker rod life

Two-Stage Hollow-Valve Rod Pump

Handle dual well conditions

Combines ruggedness and versatility to deliver the optimal choice for your most challenging pumping conditions.

  • Uses an enhanced compression ratio for efficient gas handling capabilities while moving light-to-moderate sand without sticking
  • Protects the pump’s critical seal components from the abrasive particles that shorten pump run life
  • Available in a variety of materials, surface treatments, and configurations

Gas Chaser Pump

Get the best gas-compression ratio in the field

Designed for the most challenging rod pumping gas lock problems.

  • Reduces gas locking with a compound compression ratio that can produce almost pure gas
  • Versatile applications for deep or shallow wells
  • Available in materials and surface treatments for abrasive and corrosive conditions

Pampa Gas Pump

Solve your biggest pumping challenges

The Pampa™ gas pump increases run life in severe solids and gas conditions.

  • Reduces sticking from sand or other particulates while increasing the compression ratio for fewer gas problems
  • Increases run time with larger plunger and barrels wear areas
  • Available in abrasion- and corrosion-resistant materials and coatings to ensure maximum product durability and life span

Gas Vent Pump

Pump your well down further and separate the gas

Improve reserve recovery with the industry’s most effective pump for casing fluid level draw down.

  • Avoid gas locking and gas interference by venting gas from the fluid before it’s pumped into the tubing
  • Compatible with slow pumping speeds
  • Available in materials for corrosive and abrasive environments


Enhance your pumping operations

  • High Flow Back Pressure Regulator
    • Resistant to washout for flow rates up to up to 2,000 BPD
    • Fully NACE compliant
    • Resistant to corrosion, including mesa attack
    • Provides reliable back-side pressure to reduce gas breakout
  • Loc-No® Plunger
    • Diminishes gas locking with a mechanically opening traveling valve
    • Long-wearing, hard inlay on sealing surfaces
    • Complete plunger assembly simplifies installation

Optimize your production in sandy or high-solids conditions

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Sand-Pro Pump

Alleviates the effects of abrasion

The patented Sand-Pro™ pump uses a unique method of separating produced sand from the pressure sealing, leading edge of the sprayed-metal plunger.

  • Extends pump run times in heavy-sand conditions
  • Uses mostly standard pump components to improve costs
  • Available in abrasion- and corrosion-resistant materials and coatings
  • Optional two-stage hollow valve rod design for gas and solids

Pampa Pump

Get the ultimate solution for sand sticking

A longer-than-normal plunger and shorter-than-normal barrel design handles sand sticking.

  • Insert and tubing pump styles for all applications
  • Available in optional corrosion- and abrasion-resistant materials
  • Available in three configurations: Pampa tubing pump, Pampa traveling-barrel insert pump, and Pampa stationary-barrel insert pump

Texas Stripper Pump

Count on a stripper well’s oldest friend

Designed for shallow, sandy wells that are shut down between periods of production, which often causes standard pumps to sand-up and stick.

  • Sand stays in motion above the hold-down to minimize the chance of the pump being stuck in the tubing
  • Incorporates an outer jacket that shields the discharge ports and forces produced fluids out of the bottom of the jacket
  • Available in optional corrosion- and abrasion-resistant materials

Three Tube Pump

Handle dirty wells with a reliable trash pump

Large clearances between the plunger and barrels allow particulates to pass between the plunger and barrel without sticking or hanging up.

  • Sticking-pump problems are eliminated by large clearances between the pumps three tubes
  • Fluid is kept in motion above the hold-down to keep sand from sanding-in the pump
  • Available with regular or hardened barrels


Enhance your pumping operations

  • QuadPro™ Plunger
    • Engineered with a unique, proprietary hard coating
    • Seventeen times more abrasion resistant under ASTM G65 test
    • Resists abrasion in in solids-rich pumping environments
  • Sand Flush Plunger™
    • Designed to handle tough solids environments
    • Down-stroke: Sand particles are forced away from the leading edge of the plunger due to the flushing action
    • Upstroke: Close-fitting and beveled leading edge keeps particles from building up at the leading edge
  • Brush Sand Seal
    • Engineering with our high-strength material, the brush sand seal is a simple add-on attached directly below the fluid discharge flute
    • Creates a barrier between the tubing and pump barrel, protecting sediment from entering the top of the seating nipple
    • Does not have to be activated when the pump reaches the seating nipple

Handle the challenges of high-volume wells

Double Displacement Pump

Get the most out of an insert pump design

Provides the benefits of an insert pump with a production capacity greater than a tubing pump for the same size tubing.

  • Produces more fluid than a standard tubing pump
  • Incorporates two barrels, two connected plungers, and a seal section between the barrels
  • Available in both traveling barrel and traveling plunger configurations

Oversize Tubing Pumps & Drains

When your API size tubing pump won’t cut it

These pumps are used when an API tubing pump plunger is not large enough to deliver the necessary production rate.

  • Produces more fluid than a standard tubing pump
  • Accessories available to customize your application
  • Tubing drains remove fluids from the tubing during servicing
    • Available in a sleeve type, a spoon bill, and a J-Slot type


Solve your biggest challenges

  • On-Off Tool
    • A dependable means of connecting and disconnecting sucker rods from the sucker rod pump
    • Used to disconnect the rods above a stuck pump, eliminating a rod stripping job
    • Available in both right- and left-hand release, as well as corrosion-resistant materials for tubing or casing sizes ranging from 1.9-in. through 7½-in.
  • Sucker Rod Back-Off Coupler
    • Used as a safety joint in the sucker rod string should the insert pump become stuck in the seating nipple
    • Easily released by applying right hand rotation to the sucker rod string
    • Available in all sucker rod sizes
  • Shear Tools
    • Separates your sucker rods from the pump with a straight-line pull
    • Particularly useful in releasing fiberglass rods, which cannot be rotated
    • Engineered to withstand the harshest conditions encountered in downhole reciprocating applications, including deviated wells, tagging, fluid pound, and corrosive environments
    • Available in shear release pull loads of 21,000 lb, 26,000 lb, and 33,000 lb and in all sucker rod pin sizes

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