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We have a solution for all applications to enhance your rod lift system and optimize production. Our sucker rod products are engineered with excellent wear and corrosion-resistant material, allowing our products to last for thousands of additional pumping cycles compared to conventional systems.

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New Product Release

Norris Sure-Spin Rod Rotator

A conventional friction-driven rod rotator with flat top caps doesn’t work in deviated wells. Excessive one-sided wears on guides and sucker rod connections occur, creating holes in the tubing and interruptions in production. Our Norris Sure-Spin™ rod rotator solves that problem. Let us mitigate rod, tubing, coupling, and guide wear in your wells and dramatically reduce your OPEX.

High-quality performance, aligned with cost-effective solutions

Improving well performance is a day-to-day concern for oilfield operators, with no time for down time. Our brands—Norris, Alberta Oil Tool, and UPCO—are the go-to sources profitability with some of the most demanding challenges. We improve long-term productivity and profitability by offering some of the most durable sucker rod components in our industry.


Our sucker rod couplings, polished rod couplings, and sub-couplings are designed and engineered to meet today’s rod pumping challenges.

  • Class T Sucker Rod Coupling
    • AISI A-8630-M nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel
    • Recommended for installations with a low risk of abrasion or corrosion
  • Sprayloy™ Sucker Rod Coupling
    • AISI A-8630-M nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel
    • Hard surfaced on the outside diameter with a 0.01-in. (0.25 mm) to 0.02-in. (0.51 mm) thick nickel-chromium spray metal coating
    • Designed for reciprocating lift applications
    • Recommended for installations where abrasion or corrosion-abrasion is a problem
  • High Strength Coupling
    • AISI A-4130-M nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel
    • Designed to meet higher tensile and torsional load requirements to maximize the load capacity of the connection
    • Combined Norris Drive Rods™ are are enhanced contact face (ECF)
    • Applicable for progressing cavity pumping (PCP) applications

Sucker Rod Guides

Ensure superb wear protection for your sucker rods, couplings, and production tubing. Our sucker rod guides carry the only performance guarantee in the industry.

  • Sidewinder Rod Guide
    • Flow geometry results in less turbulence, increasing pumping efficiency
  • High-temperature (HT) Rod Guide
    • Increase performance in high-temperature wells
    • Proprietary PEEK material blend
    • Superior chemical resistance in corrosive environments
    • Injection molded for maximum adhesion to rod body
  • Standard Rod Guide
    • Centralizes rod string to reduce tubing and coupling wear
  • Molded Rod Guide
    • Designed and manufactured to fit the appropriate rod and tubing size for specific performance parameters
    • Pre-installed on your sucker rods in the optimal configuration for your needs
    • Highly resistant to damage from impact and shock loading
    • A full range of sizes to fit every rod size, tubing size, and downhole pumping condition

Paraffin Control Guides

Alberta Oil Tool manufactures RGI rod guides designed for reciprocating and progressing cavity pump applications. We provide a complete evaluation of your production system, with recommendations for guide design, materials, and spacing.

  • Tomahawk Rod Guide
    • Patented vane design provides largest footprint with least amount of flow restriction
  • Sidewinder Rod Guide
    • Flow geometry results in less turbulence, increasing pumping efficiency
  • Twister & Tornado Rod Guides
    • Reduces paraffin build up with 360˚ wraparound vanes and clean tubing walls
  • Additional progressing cavity pump products available on request


We design sucker rod accessories that allow customers to solve problems in unconventional wells.

  • SureSpin HTSG™ Rod Rotator
    • Patent pending slow gear rod rotator with highest output torque in the market for highly deviated wells
      • HTSG = high torque, slow gear
    • Slowest rate of rotation - 25% slower than the closest competitor
    • Best system for mitigating paraffin accumulation and tubing wear when paired with guided rods and couplings
    • 30% fewer components than competitor’s assemblies
  • Sinker Bars
    • Made from cold-rolled and carbon steel bar stock
    • The bars are surface turned and include API double sucker rod pins, shoulders, and wrench flats on both ends
      • One end has a reduced section for elevator seating and lifting
    • AISI 10XX plain carbon steel complies with API Grade 1
      • 90,000 psi minimum tensile strength
    • AISI 46XX nickel-molybdenum allow steel complies with API Grand 2
      • 90,000 psi tensile strength
  • Stabilizer Bars
    • Our stabilizer bars improve pump and sinker bar performance by:
      • Improving pull and top cage run time on insert pumps
      • Minimizing pull rod bucking on insert pumps
      • Improving plunger performance in both insert and tubing pumps
      • Decreasing plunger top wear above the pump
      • Increasing minimum loads due to improved pump action
  • Polished rods are available in different metallurgies to accommodate various well environments and are custom engineered with cold-formed, fully rolled threads for improved strength and fatigue resistance
    • Allow steel
      • Made form AISI A-4140-M chromium-molybdenum allow steel
      • Designed for maximum fatigue resistance and improved performance in non-corrosive or inhibited corrosive fluids
    • Piston Steel
      • Made from AISI C-1045-M carbon steel rods
      • Designed for fatigue resistance in non-corrosive or effectively inhibited corrosive fluids
      • Can be used with all rod types
    • Sprayloy®
      • A hard nickel-chromium spray metal
      • Applied to outside diameter of carbon steel rods to increase their tolerance to corrosion and abrasion
    • Stainless Steel
      • Type 431 stainless steel rods
      • Best corrosion-tolerant properties of all Norris polished rods
      • Excellent tensile and torque strength
      • Ideally suited for progressing cavity pump applications

The benchmark for couplings

Our sucker rod couplings, polished rod couplings, and sub-couplings are engineered and are designed and engineered to meet today’s rod pumping challenges.

Case History

Extend your service life in high-temperature wells

Our proprietary polyether ether ketone (PEEK) blend allows rod guides to perform reliably in operating temperatures up to 480˚F (249˚C). Compared to PPA guides, we have field-proven results demonstrating that our PEEK-blend Norris high-temperature guides increase rod pumping run times.

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