Sucker Rods

Engineered to last, our rods are the best performing sucker rods on the market today, allowing wells to produce at optimum levels longer. Our steel sucker rods, and pony rods are manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure reliable, consistent operation in every well application. We provide full sucker rod service, with experienced rod specialists ready to assist with in-depth product selection knowledge and a commitment to ongoing technical support.

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The benchmark for sucker rods

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Made with American steel

Our quality commitment begins with working closely with our 100% American made supply of steel for all sucker rods and couplings.

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Boost your bottom line

Our superior quality sucker rods drastically reduce rod replacements, production down time, and maintenance.

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Count on the experts

Our teams are experts in sucker rod applications and troubleshooting problem wells.

New Product Release

Norris Corrosion Service (CS) Sucker Rod

You need a rod suitable for deeper, corrosive wells. We’ve got you covered. The Norris CS rod, combined with field-proven, proprietary NOR-PEENING™ technology, is engineered to enhance corrosion fatigue resistance and improve mechanical fatigue life.

Enhance rod life and optimize production…whatever the application

Deep Wells – Effectively Inhibited

  • High strength rod applications

Moderate to Deep Wells – Effectively Inhibited

  • API Grade D applications

Moderate to Deep wells – Noted Corrosion

  • KD & CS applications

Shallow Wells with Corrosion

  • Grade K applications

Shallow Wells – Effectively Inhibited

  • C-Carbon applications
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Choose the right sucker rod and pony rod to maximize your ROI

In most cases, commodity-type products are seldom the right choice to gain the advantages that make a difference. That’s why decisions based on careful performance evaluation are essential. This is especially true for sucker rods and pony rods. They might be interchangeable, but they are definitely not equal.

Prevent the next failure before it happens with expert sucker rod failure analysis

Root cause failure analysis is essential to continuously improve the reliability of your rod lift systems. Simply fishing, hanging the well on after a sucker rod failure, and replacing it with the same type of component that failed won’t prevent another failure. But, our experts in failure management can.

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