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We have a solution for every wellhead challenge–from lost production to environmental issues associated with leaking stuffing boxes, prematurely worn seals, misaligned pumping units, or broken polished rods. With a full portfolio of wellhead products, we deliver integrated solutions for the most troublesome sucker rod pump wellhead problems.

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Secure your assets with Oil Lift’s newest rod lock. The solid, durable construction mitigates the risk of surface spills by reducing the number of connections in your flow line.

Seal leaks in your cash flow

Oil Lift’s family of ROD-LOCK™ BOPs are designed to provide the artificial lift market with the industry’s safest, most durable, and versatile line of production BOPs available today. Our patented rod lock component allows for safe and secure drivehead servicing without the need for a workover rig.

Connect your sucker rod pump to the world

Our Harbison-Fischer® wellhead tool series of stuffing boxes, polished rod flapper valves, and polished rod alignment tools deliver integrated solutions for the most troublesome problems at the sucker rod pump wellhead.

Each tool meets the following specifications:

  • A maximum pressure rating of 2,500 psi
  • A temperature range of -15° F to 300˚F (26˚C to 149˚C)
  • Available in steel or corrosion-resistant materials
  • Available connections include standard and special industry threads or special flange connection specifically for Harbison-Fischer wellhead tools
  • Polished rod and polished rod liner sizes that include “1 1/8-in., 1¼-in., 1½-in.

Stuffing Boxes

  • High temperature / high pressure
    • A dual packed stuffing box with special high-temperature upper and lower packings
    • Rated to 450˚F (232˚C) and 3,000 psi
  • Model DL for small-diameter completions
  • Pollution control
    • A dual packing stuffing box
    • Primary lower packing provides the operational packing seal for the well
    • Secondary upper packing holds the pressure and directs possible leaking fluid through a fluid port to an environmental container
  • Pro Align+ long-lasting alignment tool
    • Compensate for misalignment issues caused by initial misplacement of the pumping unit or later movement due to frost heave, soil erosion, or vibration
    • Help mitigate problems with leaking stuffing boxes, cut tubing, polished rod breakage, and excess stuffing box friction
  • Quick seal
    • Inverted cone seal-type stuffing box with standard cone seals
    • Equipped with a cone-shaped bottom insert and integral O-ring that directs pressure to the inside of the seals instead of the outside
    • Effectively and quickly seals the polished rod during initial installation with minimum adjustment

Polished Rod Lubricator

  • Installed above the stuffing box and is tied to it with a supplied hold-down chain
  • Measures 5-in. x 5-in. square and 5½-in. tall
  • An “L” pin (included) holds the lubricator open during wick installation

Back Pressure Regulators

  • Adjustable back pressure regulator
    • Can be fine-tuned to the well’s characteristics
    • Connected to the tubing outlet and adjusted to the necessary back pressure to stop the well from flowing fluid out of tubing
  • High flow-back pressure regulator
    • Resistant to washout for flow rates up to 2,000 BPD
    • Fully NACE compliant
    • Resistant to corrosion, including mesa attack
    • Provides reliable back side pressure to reduce gas breakout

Count on fast, effective, efficient well servicing tools

Norris Rods offers a full suite of O’Bannon well-servicing tools, which have been used reliably for decades to service wells and get them back into production as quickly and safely as possible.

Horn Socket

Designed for fishing jobs in small-diameter tubing (1¼-in., 1½-in., and 1¾-in.) where other sockets cannot be deployed. As the socket is lowered gently onto the catch and rotated to the right, the wickers cut or thread onto the catch. Rod body breaks are caught with conventional wickered slips in the upper bowl.

Note: Horn sockets cannot be guaranteed against damage caused by hardened couplings.

Overshot Socket

Overshot sockets are useful for retrieving hardened couplings, which resist capture by ordinary wickered slips. They employ a lower slip unit that opens as it passes over the coupling, then closes below the coupling to firmly grip the rod string.

Paraffin Knives

The knife’s threaded blade makes disk replacement easy while the free-moving disk allows for quicker penetration through the tubing and quick seating to remove paraffin as the knife is withdrawn.

Polished Rod Tops

A convenient accessory for pulling rods, polished rod tops are threaded to receive an API sucker rod pin on either end and are small enough in the middle to permit engagement in a rod elevator. With this top on the polished rod, the string of rods may be lifted without distributing the beam hanger–making a dangerous job safer. Each rod top is made of heat-treated alloy steel with minimum yield strength of 100,000 psi.

Slip Sockets

Our Type B slip socket is a reliable, economic answer to fishing jobs for rod body breaks, pin shoulders or threads, boxes, non-hardened couplings, and polished rods. All slips are heat treated, quenched and tempered to ensure a positive bite and long service life.

NOTE: The Type B slip socket is a special-purpose tool that should be used with care. The operator must assume responsibility for any failures.

Sucker Rod Elevators

Our sucker rod elevators are engineered and manufactured to provide maximum rod string protection, ease of handling and operation, and wear resistance. They come in several types suited to meet differing needs:

  • Solid body
  • Fiberglass sucker rod, polished rod
  • Plate type

Sucker Rod Hooks

Frontlock hooks have an automatic locking mechanism that is as easy to open as your hand. A lever in the hook releases the latch only when the hook is gripped to engage or disengage the elevator bail. The latch is hinged just above this point and extends across the mouth of the hook. It is strong enough to ward off beams and girts, yet sensitive enough to respond instantly to the grip of the operator.

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